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Reviews for In Time

Tarantulates2018.08.01 - 12:06PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Lovely. A very sweet story.

gottawrite2015.11.26 - 08:58AM1: Chapter OneSigned
I'm not sure how I have missed reading this story over the many years I've been perusing Ashwinder.... But I love it! So different and well done. The happy ending is icing on the cake, but I loved the build up and the progression of Hermione and Severus' relationship. It wasn't rushed or too crude, and it just made me smile as I read it.

Mikimoto2015.01.23 - 10:01PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Great story. So economical, yet lush with its plot. Thanks for sharing.

Dimplz2014.09.09 - 10:40AM8: Chapter EightSigned
I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing.

FelixGreen2014.08.10 - 04:34PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Loved it!

Sparklebitchprincess2013.03.21 - 10:43PM2: Chapter TwoSigned
“Oh, please—you’re half Muggle-born! Surely you’ve read Orwell’s story? Severus,” she enunciated, “she is dead. Irrevocably, unquestionably dead. The hero of the Time Machine story could not save his beloved because she died, prompting him to create the story’s equivalent of a Time-Turner in the first place." >>>Im pretty sure The Time Machine was H. G. Wells and not George Orwell. just a small thing. love the story so far!!!

Potionslady6142013.02.22 - 01:45PM8: Chapter EightSigned
I loved this!! Bravo!

moor2012.08.09 - 04:55PM8: Chapter EightSigned
*cheers!* Nicely done -- and I thought I was going to swallow my tongue when Harry & Ron showed up at Hermione & Sev's place, unannounced! ;) Hahaha!

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