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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

AmyLouise2008.09.09 - 12:49AM32: After YouSigned
Very good - you built the tension beautifully. I'm certainly glad that Hermione has Snape watching her back. And I still love the little ghost, and Neville - I sense their roles will be important in some way later.

Aurette2008.08.26 - 03:19AM32: After YouSigned
OOooo >shiver< this just turned left when I was expecting right! Cannot wait for the next chapter! The wee ghostie and Neville are wonderful!

somebodyoranother2008.08.01 - 05:12PM32: After YouSigned
Ah what a cliffhanger! I like the idea that Hermione turns into snape

hiddden2008.07.26 - 06:13PM32: After YouSigned
So Shriver wants Hermione as well - for breakfast or supper? I find it very interesting how different authors in fanfic interpret what exactly the unspeakables do. Some make them assassains and spies. I guess the name gives you plenty of scope to interpret the job with the assumption either being dealing with and suppressing the parts of life that the minstry cannot sanction by whatever means possible. Anyway I'm still really enjoying it.

greenwood2008.07.25 - 12:51PM32: After YouSigned
I loved the posturing going on in this chapter. Everyone sizing each other up and the subtle movements you discribed that gave it full impact. Well done chapter. It leads us further down the path. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, as always, greenwood, for your thoughtful review. This chapter was technically tricky to write, and your review reassures me that it didn't read that way! Took me forever to get the characters just where (and when) I wanted them... so pleased to hear that it worked for you! Cheers, ~ Ari

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