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Reviews for Catspaws

loreen772014.01.13 - 06:45AM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Oh Harry, that is a bad idea. He better realize that she is not for him soon or he risks loosing her friendship. Sprout and Argus....that could work.

Jong_Kahn2010.03.03 - 01:12AM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Well! I can't believe Harry's thick-headed proposition! You've certainly got him covering the more usual "Ron's" position in this story. And I'm interested in why Severus needs Harry's invisibility cloak. Things to be answered soon, I hope...

Author's Response: This is my "Harry is a prat" story.

verasuspense2010.02.28 - 11:02PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Draco was a first-rate flyer ( even harry admitted that) so it stands to reason that Lucius would be comfortable on a broom as well.

JamesandLily4ever2008.07.28 - 10:16PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Wonderful!! :] 10/10! Only now I have to wonder about what Sev's up to... what's he going to do with that cloak? *wonders*

madcad2008.07.26 - 10:16PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
dude, your story is so original! i love it! glad to know that it's done already because i'm looking forward to the next chapters! :D

Author's Response: I submitted the next chapter last night, so it's waiting to be validated.

Hananian2008.07.26 - 04:59PM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Gotta admit, I'm having a ball with this story. So TOTALLY different from any other I've seen. I love it! I hope you update often and quickly!

Author's Response: The next chapter is in queue awaiting validation.

Ravyn2008.07.26 - 11:49AM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
I absolutely ADORE this story!! PLEASE PLEASE write more!!!

Author's Response: Next chapter has been submitted and waiting for validation.

Pyttan2008.07.25 - 10:33AM3: Chapter ThreeSigned
Liking it a lot!

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