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Reviews for The Unlikely Proposal

vickety2017.02.22 - 10:16PM2: Part 2Signed
This was very good! Thanks!

moor2013.12.23 - 10:18PM2: Part 2Signed
Hahahaha, this was very fun to read. ;)

loreen772013.05.25 - 11:43AM2: Part 2Signed
Yum yum, that was fun.

loreen772013.05.25 - 11:13AM1: Part 1Signed
Lol, that was great. While i llok forward to said promised smuttiness of chapter two, i really enjoyed that chapter....it does stand well solo.

Maria2012.08.29 - 02:59PM2: Part 2Signed
YUM!!! Did i review this yet? This is a delicious piece of smut!

Jong_Kahn2009.01.23 - 04:35PM2: Part 2Signed
I'm glad to know you yourself got depressed with the ending of "Someday We'll Know". Sorry to have snapped at you so badly--twice!--after I'd finished it, but it really IS a most disappointing ending. Let's face it, SS/HG is an unlikely, unrealistic pairing in the first place. That this site exists is due in great part to the feelings of a lot of women that Snape got such a dirty deal by JKR, and that it should be remedied. That's why your ending of "SWK" felt like having the rug pulled out from under us readers...and even you, the author. It wasn't one of the 'evil Snape' fictions, where we'd be going into the story pretty much expecting it wasn't going to end happily. No, you dirty doggess, you had to lead us all to believe that Sev & Hermione would finally get together--and THEN destroyed all our expectations! Yes, you wrote it well. Truth be told, I was going to write a review which praised your more realistic depictions of the age-related feelings. At least I was, up to the ending of the penultimate chapter--then I was still hoping. But NOOOOOOOOOO (a la John Belushi), you had to crush us all, Severus (and to a smaller degree, Hermione) included. You might consider adding a "SPOILER - WARNING" to the intro to "Someday We'll Know". Something along the lines of "Contains different (or unexpected) kind of happy ending". That way, no one will be feeling quite as emotionally crushed--and crazed--when they're done reading it! Just a suggestion....

Author's Response: yes... well... I had read too many fanfics that seemed to gloss over what I considered to be real and relevant (though overcomable) issues with this pairing as much as I loved it. I hadn't written it intending on a more European/Indpt film kinda ending. I think a more disappointing ending would be for them never to have finally had the conversation where they acknowledged their feelings b/c one of them died in a freak accident...but yeah, it was a tough ending. thanks for reading it anyway.

morningstar2008.12.16 - 02:03PM1: Part 1Signed
wow. that's getting my appetite ready for another helping.

Baela2008.09.27 - 02:48AM2: Part 2Signed
Yes, this definitely cheered me after reading "Someday We'll Know"! I don't read smut too often, but that was really good!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. Some smut is needed in life :P

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