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Reviews for Agoraphobia

KarySky2018.07.27 - 12:49PM11: Lights in the SkySigned
I am so disappointed that this story has gone to waste :( I wish it could be finished :(

satigirl2018.06.10 - 04:32AM11: Lights in the SkySigned
This was a great story. I really enjoyed it even if parts were very hard to read. I don't usually read unfinished stories because the leave such a feeling of disappointment. I would be very greatful if you would come back and finish this one.

windlicht2015.11.19 - 01:25PM11: Lights in the SkySigned
I wish you would continue...

KarySky2012.10.18 - 10:09PM11: Lights in the SkySigned
I'm soooo disappointed that this story is unifished... Gosh, I hate unfinished stories :(

deedeebug952012.05.02 - 07:32PM1: Terrible LiesSigned
I never read incomplete stories, but after reading the summary and reviews I had to! I hope you finish it someday!!

Mistris mayhem2011.07.11 - 09:53PM11: Lights in the SkySigned
Please do an update soon. Just found this, and I really like it.

Jong_Kahn2011.01.30 - 02:20AM11: Lights in the SkySigned
This is really a fantastic story here, and you've got us all hooked. Won't you please, please, please PLEASE COME BACK and finish this, please?!?!?!?! Pretty, pretty please?! This is too good not to finish, and too close to the end--you wouldn't have that much work to do. At least consider it, that's all we're asking. Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for all the hard work you've already put into this.

Jong_Kahn2011.01.30 - 01:41AM6: HurtSigned
Excellent developments, excellent chapter. Just one correction your beta missed, that you really should make. In the line beginning "“You know it’s true. You said yourself it was his handwriting. I already know he can Obliviate someone, and I seen him kill Dumbledore", PLEASE change the "seen" to " SAW him kill Dumbledore". Other than that, a well done chapter; thanks for all your work.

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