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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

loreen772016.02.15 - 06:58AM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
I love the idea of a seed giving life, very appropriate in my mind. Another great chapter.

AmyLouise2008.07.28 - 01:24AM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
So, Hermione never actually broke Ron's soul. So she, in turn, was broken herself for no reason. Beautifully done. Still not sure about the significance of the dandelion, but it seems to create life - through love?

Author's Response: Hi, AmyLouise... Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful review! I'm glad you're liking the story. Oh, she did break his soul, I'm afraid; what she sees here - what she remembers seeing - is his soul before she broke it. All of her research and what she did to Horace - that's all real. (Those chapters were posted so long ago - it takes such a commitment to read a work in progress; I'm grateful to you!) Anyway, I think Ron wouldn't want her to stay trapped as she is, in a half-life and silent, do you? So in telling her to "finish the dream," it's sort of a forgiveness, in a way... after all, he was the one who asked her to do what she did. The dandelion seed's purpose comes out very soon, I promise... life created through love is a beautiful way to think about it. I love that - thank you! Cheers, ~ Ari

iamtherealmaeverick2008.06.13 - 04:58PM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
This is really quite beautiful. I look forward to finding out what Hanna and the Unspeakables have to say. I hope you post more soon ! ~M

hiddden2008.05.26 - 08:03PM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
Any chance of an update?

Author's Response: Hi, hidden. I'm in the process of moving cross-country - I'll update as soon as I can, though! ~ Ari

greenwood2008.04.30 - 11:19PM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
Very well done! Wow, this chapter was so important. To finally know what happend to Ron and how Harmonie had carried that burden all those years only now to find the truth of it. The little dragon coming back to life was very endearing. The seed, I take it, came from a wish that Harmione herself must have made years ago - something about 'a happy ending' perhaps. So this is why the seed caused the ghost to bleed...life sort of passed through him and caused that tiny piece of him to be alive? I can't wait to read more.

Aestel2008.04.30 - 01:24AM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
Oh drat, I was greedily hoping the updates would continue at the pace they were. (Yes, hypocritical of me, I know...) This chapter was particularly poetic and lovely. I love the dragon imagery and wish I could figure on what's going on with the little girl ghost.

ejc422008.04.29 - 03:14PM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
Though the individual parts don't always add up for me, I love the overall sense this story conveys in its entirety. The wind was a torrent of darkness, eh?

JudithsFancy2008.04.29 - 10:28AM28: Nor Words to SpeakSigned
On occasion, I read a scrap of writing that speaks to rock solid truth. I wish to thank you for the following: "Creatures of language name things, imagining that names matter and they, almost always, get it wrong." Arranged into three separate lines, it can be named...prose poetry. JF

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