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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

loreen772016.02.07 - 01:13AM23: Seeing Eyes BlindSigned
Part of your brother 's soul is trapped in your husband 's body. I think Ginny's mind will ignore any indication she has because the truth is too horrible to admit.

AmyLouise2008.06.20 - 12:45AM23: Seeing Eyes BlindSigned
I love the way you keep building layer upon layer, even though at times I find it confusing. It is very strange that while Hermione can feel Ron in Harry, Ginny, it would appear, cannot. You have a wonderful way of evoking mood above all, so that even when my mind cannot quite fathom all the twists of the plot, the feeling of tragedy is inescapable.

Author's Response: Thank you, Amy Louise, and my apologies for not responding sooner. RL has required far more attention than my writing mind likes to admit. I wonder if Ginny can't feel Ron in Harry because she doesn't want to. It would make a kind of psychological sense. I doubt we'll get much of her take on that in this story; it's not really designed to include her point of view... but perhaps we'll get an indication of her perspective somehow. And I'm thrilled to hear that the mood of the story is carrying you through the mystery. I hope you're well... Cheers, ~ Ari

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