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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

AmyLouise2008.06.19 - 11:51AM21: Alas, BabylonSigned
That was both powerful (Severus and Hermione), and very tender (Neville and the little ghost). I'm touched by the way Neville is still so concerned with his friends - it's a nice counterbalance to the darkness that still permeates Hermione; because I'm sure she's still got a way to go.

josephinerose2008.04.20 - 07:05PM21: Alas, BabylonSigned
Great chapter! i love how the ghosts car e so much about the living And how they are connected to the school itself. i love this story and can't wait for more.

greenwood2008.04.20 - 12:31AM21: Alas, BabylonSigned
I want to hope that Harmione is somehow healed now but I am not sure. It seems that the entire castle would know something BIG has happened (with all the shaking and ear-splitting cracking going on). I keep wondering who will ware the ring...will Harmione find peace, and will Horence's soul go on. I can't wait till a new chapter. Such a powerful story.

crazywriterchic2008.04.19 - 05:02PM21: Alas, BabylonSigned
Have I mentioned that I love your chapter bannars? Cuz I do. And I l0ve your story. I'm adding it to my favorites. Just, wow. Very intense.

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