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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

CasusBelli2014.06.01 - 03:58PM16: This Salted EarthSigned
The sentence 'To survive deliberate cruelty, all you need do is expect it.' struck me as very profound. I have always known this to be a fact of life, but had never found the words to describe this phenomenon. It was a fantastic insight into the human psyche. Keep up the good work!

AmyLouise2008.06.19 - 12:28AM16: This Salted EarthSigned
Snape's discourse on the nature of cruelty was superb - right on the mark. It confirmed my feeling that Severus was probably the greatest wizard of the three, possessing a discernment that Dumbledore lacked, and perception that was denied Voldemort. And added to that a perfect control, all the greater because he never felt the need to prove it. I'm in awe of your Severus. As for the little ghost - I don't yet understand her purpose, but I'm sure there is one. She really tugs at the heart in a way no other character does.

greenwood2008.04.14 - 10:44PM16: This Salted EarthSigned
Another intense dialogue between Harmione and Severus. You can really feel how dangerous he is here and what he is offering Harmione is poetic, if not darke. Very creatively written story. You really use image well. The little goust keeps appearing and what is happening with her is a bit unnerving to say the least.

Author's Response: Thank you, greenwood... this section of the story was almost all dialogue in the first draft and it fleshed out very, very slowly as I wrote it. I'm so very pleased to hear that the final version works for you and that you're enjoying the story. I'm especially pleased to hear that ghostie is working for you as well - she is an unnerving little soul, although in some ways she carries all of the emotions no one else in the story can express... maybe... I hope... (the story's a WiP and although I know what will happen there are some subtleties to ghostie that can still go one way or the other)... Thank you so much... ~ Ari

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