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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

omi2012.10.09 - 09:33AM13: Sleeping Dogs LieSigned
amazing story. it is spooking the living daylights out of me as i'm reading it, especially around this pre-dawn stretch of time that is most prone to spookiness. this is probably the darkest reimagining of voldemort's defeat i've ever come across; i'm quite in awe of your creativity :) i'll be back to leave another review after i've finished the whole story... for now, i'll just say that i very much hope things end positively for all involved (they really need it).

hedgehog2008.10.25 - 06:41PM13: Sleeping Dogs LieSigned
Just as I feared--what an added burden for Hermione! Thanks

AmyLouise2008.06.13 - 12:29AM13: Sleeping Dogs LieSigned
So, at last Minerva is beginning to see beyond Albus the Good to Albus the Manipulative. And can she see something of what Severus is beginning to feel for Hermione, born as it is of something he alone of the Order can understand?

JamesandLily4ever2008.04.29 - 08:36PM13: Sleeping Dogs LieSigned
Now, that sucks! How can Minerva be so... Ah, nevermind. It happens. Hopefully Severus will help Hermione overcome her need for the Dark Arts. 10/10! I wonder if Ron ever does see Harry do those things since Harry has a piece of Ron's soul in there... Ew...

crazywriterchic2008.04.11 - 08:16PM13: Sleeping Dogs LieSigned
Okay, i am very, very intrigued. I can't wait to see how Hermione will deal with her distructive tendancies once she realizes them. And the fact that she has become Snape's new cause is hopeful. We already know how far he is willing to go to fulfill his causes.

Author's Response: Thanks, crazywriterchic. I place a lot of faith in Severus's dedication to causes as well. So pleased to hear you're enjoying the story so far. Cheers! ~ Ari

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