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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

hedgehog2008.10.25 - 03:44PM12: Into thy HandsSigned
Wow, what does this mean about Harry and Ginny? Is Harry operating on part of Ron's soul? Was the soul used to kill of Vold. but leave Harry's spirit intact? I'm so confused, but thrilled to have lots of chapters to catch up on still. BTW, love the little ghost girl!!

JamesandLily4ever2008.04.29 - 07:49PM12: Into thy HandsSigned
Oh god, you have me on the edge of my seat! 10/10. One can only wait to see how Hermione's going to get over her dilemma, as well as Severus.

Maggie2008.04.11 - 01:03PM12: Into thy HandsSigned
Wow, very intense!

Author's Response: Thanks, Maggie! I appreciate your taking the time to leave me a review :) ~ Ari

MzSnape2008.04.11 - 09:58AM12: Into thy HandsSigned
I noticed that there are few reviews for this story. I want you to know that I'm reading and enjoying the story quite thoroughly. I'm doing my best to forsee where you take the story and can't wait for another update. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, MzSnape - that means a lot to me. The next chapter should post soon. Cheers, ~ Ari

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