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Reviews for Tylwyth Teg

loreen772011.09.04 - 09:54PM1: OneSigned
Giggles....wrapped around his little finger.

Author's Response: Absolutely:)

Alexa19932011.05.30 - 02:05PM1: OneSigned

Author's Response: :)

Kerreh2010.12.06 - 07:18PM1: OneSigned
*Grins* Father!Snape is just too adorable~ Loved this little story! <3

Author's Response: Hi Kerreh, Thank you for the compliment and the lovely review, its always nice to get reviews.

Jong_Kahn2009.01.27 - 11:00PM1: OneSigned
For the benefit of those of us who don't know Celtic (or is it Welsh?): What is "Tylweth Teg"?!

Author's Response: Hi, it's Welsh. It translates to fairy or fair folk.

Strawcherry2008.11.18 - 06:06PM1: OneSigned
Father!Snape must be my favourite Snape of them all. He just makes me sigh in bliss every time I read a story about him. This little ficlet is a real tribute to fathers and daughters everywhere. I immediately felt like calling mine myself and telling him I'm sorry for being such a Slytherin sometimes... But then I guess he wouldn't quite understand that, hehe. Very well written, this one, cute and funny!

Author's Response: Hi Strawcherry, Guess we have all been a bit Slytherin sometimes eh? Glad you enjoyed my version of Snape as a dad you might want to check out the rest of my stuff there is more.

Mazzy2008.10.22 - 06:03PM1: OneSigned
Hee hee... even I didn't believe little lady Snape's tears were real. lol Poor Sev.

Author's Response: Well a Snape has to start somewhere... Glad you enjoyed it thanks.

regs2008.10.22 - 11:24AM1: OneSigned
Lovely. What us daughters can get out of our adoring fathers.

Author's Response: Indeed.Thank you.

druidess2008.09.30 - 09:53PM1: OneSigned
So cute! Kids are irresistable.

Author's Response: Thanks. Though if not handled well I think this Snape could grow up to rule the world.

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