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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

loreen772016.02.03 - 06:48AM7: The Dreams of Dying MenSigned
I find the ghost characters more "fleshed out " and serving to be part of the plot rather than just one dimensional like they are in most fanfic. Great job bringing depth to them.

AmyLouise2008.04.07 - 08:12AM7: The Dreams of Dying MenSigned
I've just read another four chapters straight through, and had to stop to tell you what a wonderful mystery you've created (and to get my head round it as well). How fitting that Severus, the outsider, should be the one to understand what's going on inside Hermione. I love the little ghost, so like the young Hermione in her desire for knowledge and her essential aloneness. Such a cleverly constructed story; I can only read so much and then I have to stop and think about it for a while.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, AmyLouise... your words warm my heart and inspire my quill... so pleased you're enjoying it, and - *grins* - glad you like the wee ghostie. I confess I just adore her, and the similarities between her and Hermione really get me in the heart when I'm writing her. Cheers ~ Ari

Titania2008.03.31 - 09:40PM7: The Dreams of Dying MenSigned
This is an excellent story! I love how you lead the reader down your road and keep us trying to figure out just what the heck is going on with Hermione. I also like the chapter illustrations. Can't wait for more! Live long and prosper, Titania

Author's Response: Thank you, Titania! I'm glad you're enjoying the mystery in the story... and I'm really pleased to hear you like the illustrations - I've enjoyed making them. :) Thanks for taking the time to review! ~ Ari

Rosmerta2008.03.31 - 12:33AM7: The Dreams of Dying MenSigned
Excellent chapter. We're getting closer to the real truth of Voldemort's death and what happened to Hermione, as you're writing it - and it's fascinating. I love all the layers of unspoken communication between Severus and Minerva. And the little ghost really intrigues me. Hermione's former self?

Author's Response: Hi, Rosmerta... I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the story, and that the unspoken communication is working for you. The little ghost is less a literal manifestation of Hermione's former innocence than a... *searches for right term* ... a compassionate, innocent mirror for her. But the little ghost is also very real, and entirely her own person. That she feels a bond with the lonely professor is undeniable. Thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to comment... Cheers, ~ Ari

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