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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 03:31PM14: Explanations and PreparationsSigned
i thought poppy wasnt part of the order?? One week before Samhain, Albus convoked several people in his office. Severus felt no surprise when he saw Hermione; he had the feeling they were to talk about the Dark Lordís threat. He was quite taken aback though to see Harry and Ron standing by her side. The door opened and Minerva, Viktor and Poppy entered.

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 12:41PM14: Explanations and PreparationsSigned
how come helga and rowena did no spell casting of their own? Seems kind of weak...salazar and godric had all the power

Clair2004.01.20 - 08:35AM14: Explanations and PreparationsAnonymous

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