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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

Black Susan Lily2008.08.30 - 01:56AM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
I just finished reading this story over again. I know I read it quite a long time ago. I enjoyed it then and I still do today. I did not know that it was still a WIP until I got to the end of the last chapter that you have posted. I do hope you plan to finish it. This story has many unique qualities that make it stand out and I'm so curious about what how it will end. I must say that this is one of the few fics I've read where I quite dislike Harry. I want to know the outcome of many little details, such as what else did Severus retrive from Gringotts, does Hermione get to see behind the door where the handle turns green, and many more. Kudos for writting such an engaging story. I really don't give a flip that it is AU now. Too many authors gave up on intriguing stories because of that. Please keep this one going until it's natural conclusion. I'll keep waiting for your next post.

Ezekiel2008.07.13 - 06:14PM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
I stumbled upon this story last week, looking to revisit the SS/HG guilty pleasure I'd put aside a while ago. I'm SO glad I found this story - it's written rather nicely and their relationship developed in much a different way than I've traditionally read. It was a bit jarring to read as Severus remarked on Hermione's 19th birthday, bringing the fantasy a bit out of focus (my logical mind un-invitingly kicking in) but the relationship is such that I find myself more and more curious to keep reading. Might I also add that your sense of humor is indispensable to this story! I've often found myself unable to stop smiling. I hope that there's more to this story and that it comes soon! Good luck with the plot bunnies - hope this helped to feed them!

chinalatina282008.06.30 - 11:58PM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
I love the tone of this fic! especially the banter between the two of them! you made me laugh out loud several times as i read this story into the wee hours of the night. i do hope more is forthcoming. the conversations they had in the future we terribly sweet as well. makes me wish you would tackle a time turner fic! teen sev would be awesome if you write him with the same humor as adult sev. the interactions between hermione and severus-crow were wonderful as well. i think he was able to relax around her in his crow form. pecking her for attention! we always knew sev was high-maintenance! looking forward to your next installment.

Rubyfey2008.04.26 - 02:11PM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
Not to parody Dickens too much here, but...

Please, ma'am, may I have some more?

Hope to soon read the next installment on this lovely story!

TheBattyDragon2008.04.21 - 09:21PM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
I love it more every time I read it, the overall sweetness of it. And I so do hope it has not been abandoned.(hint;) ) Thank you for sharing!

Dreamy_Dragon2008.04.20 - 05:38PM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
Yay, an update! I very much enjoyed this lovely chapter.

Winna2008.04.14 - 11:54AM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
Wheee! An update! As lovely as this romantic chapter was, I must confess I’m looking forward to more conflict. I love to see Hermione defend Severus to everyone. Wonder how Crookshanks is taking his banishment…

ElectricBloo2008.03.29 - 03:59PM30: Breakfast with a SlytherinSigned
Cheers for posting.

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