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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

Lucy2016.11.20 - 09:13AM4: Have This DanceSigned
Awesome writing! I have no idea where this is going! Loving it all!

loreen772016.02.02 - 11:15PM4: Have This DanceSigned
What a profound sense of loss I felt at the idea of longbottom as a mist. Heartbreaking.

audrolla2009.08.13 - 10:48PM4: Have This DanceSigned
I spy sound parallelism. Its execution is quite effective. I've never read a fanfiction of this caliber before. Nice work.

hobgoblinn2008.04.05 - 09:27PM4: Have This DanceSigned
The opening scene with Longbottom as a mist, working up the courage to dance, is brutal. Such a lovely, haunting detail. The mystery continues, and the foreshadowing / emotional atmosphere is very well done.

AlbusSeverusPotter2008.03.24 - 10:08PM4: Have This DanceSigned
I figured out where I've seen both stories. I think restrictedsection? My brain didnt register that i'd read it on a DIFFERENT site ;)

Author's Response: No problem at all! I really appreciate your question - it could have been a huge error on my part, so I went to check to be sure I hadn't reuploaded the text of Chapter 3. I'm slowly catching up here... there are 23 more chapters already posted elsewhere. Cheers! ~ Ari

AlbusSeverusPotter2008.03.24 - 09:50PM4: Have This DanceSigned
woah. deja vu? did yuo repost this or is there a glitch in ash's system?

Author's Response: Chapter 4 is a new chapter to Ash, but it's been posted elsewhere for a while... it's showing me the correct text for all four chapters; are you seeing a repeated chapter? Please let me know and I'll see if I can get it fixed. Thanks for flagging the possible glitch! ~ Ari

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