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Reviews for I Will Be Here

adelgado2011.03.29 - 02:21AM2: Saving GraceSigned
Glad he was saved and glad the D was told off FINALLY!!!

Very Small Prophet2010.10.01 - 06:27AM1: I Believe In YouSigned
Hermione would make a superb Slytherin. As evidenced in canon, she's willing to do just about anything if she considers the cause important enough. How's your complexion, Marietta? Been doing any horseback riding, Dolores? How sad you and your husband never had children, Monica. Care for a cup of blackmail, Rita dear?

Maddy Riddle2007.05.07 - 03:16AM2: Saving GraceSigned
Can't believe I never read it before.
I love it.

chrissyseebs2006.05.07 - 03:15PM2: Saving GraceSigned
what the bloody hell is wrong with severus? Sounds like he needs a Prozac. Nice rescue though.

chrissyseebs2006.05.07 - 03:15PM1: I Believe In YouSigned
damn you all for being so uncaring to snape!

Snape_dreamer2006.02.18 - 09:57PM2: Saving GraceSigned
awwww so cute..lovely

kamelia2006.01.25 - 09:51PM1: I Believe In YouAnonymous
Very clever... really like this chapter.

lalajoyous2005.11.28 - 11:54PM2: Saving GraceSigned
Amazing... what a yoyo effect of events...

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