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Reviews for So Hard To Say It

loreen772011.06.19 - 09:57AM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
I liked the ambiguous nature of the last line, it adds mystery. Interesting fic.

Jong_Kahn2010.11.13 - 10:35PM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
Unclear...was it suicide? Or did Hermione kill him herself, or did Voldemort, based on that "evil laugh"? Or perhaps a jealous Bella? Hermione might laugh if he'd hurt her before the letter as well, but I can't imagine him cackling evilly before he turns his wand on himself. So...?

anon2006.06.29 - 07:20PM1: So Hard To Say ItAnonymous

Sokipoo2006.06.10 - 04:38AM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
aww T^T this is sooo short and so darned sad! not fair! *cries* that must be the only reason they have to break up .u

dodgethis2006.06.10 - 12:33AM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
Heartsick and heartbroken.

chrissyseebs2006.05.30 - 05:40PM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
Oh, um...sad!

Wolf Moonshadow2005.07.29 - 12:17AM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
Outstandingly well written. Great job on making me sob.

medicdaddy2005.03.19 - 11:33PM1: So Hard To Say ItSigned
With so few word you have made it possible to fell both pain and saddness. bravo. this subject in 100 words would be hard at best but you have captured it. I will be reading more from you soon, as I have just found your stories with the help of my wife. Until then keep up the great work. Bill

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