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Reviews for Living Legacy

jcrowell2018.07.30 - 11:47PM10: EpilogueSigned
Loved this <3

itscheriee2017.05.09 - 08:45PM8: Chapter SevenSigned
The malfoy and sev joke cracked me up hahaha

ninive2016.11.12 - 08:42AM10: EpilogueSigned
Fascinating, unique storyline and very well written. Thank you so much for the wonderful read!

breastlady2015.09.12 - 05:45PM7: Chapter SixSigned
Well, that's a relief! They deserve each other. I really like Eilene very much. I'm also so glad Hermione has Harry's support through this. I hope this can only get better.

breastlady2015.09.12 - 05:12PM5: Chapter FourSigned
Hemione finding Severus in bed reminded me of the very romantic movie "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant. I hope Hemione and Severus gets things worked out. They need to be together!

breastlady2015.09.12 - 04:37PM3: Chapter TwoSigned
Yea!!!! He's alive! Great plot. This is good new's, Hermione. Once you get over the shock you'll be pissed that he's disappeared. I guess it's time to find the bastard who left you pregnant and split. LOL!!!! He had to have a good reason for it. I trust Snape!!!!

breastlady2015.09.12 - 03:55PM2: Chapter OneSigned
Dude! Wow! Poor Hermione! Poor Severus! My heart is pounding. You've done a wonderful job building the suspense. You've done a wonderful job making us care.

DaggerSeishin2014.05.18 - 03:44PM10: EpilogueSigned
this was a cute story tho i'm surprised a little bit that they only had 2 kids.

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