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Reviews for Dazed Detachment

loreen772013.05.29 - 08:19AM3: Use Your Illusion 3Signed
Great googlymoogly, this is one twisted story.

Rae79108192008.02.23 - 12:20PM3: Use Your Illusion 3Signed
Wow... That left me incredibly confused. I would really like to see the epilogue..

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Hope you like it

Isode2008.02.22 - 08:11AM3: Use Your Illusion 3Signed
I think I got it...Snape is disguised as Harry because Hermione totally trust anything Harry would say. But, Volde has won, and Snape in love with Hermione is keeping her hidden away out of a sense of honor and duty. He knows her know-it-all -I-do-what-I-please-without-thinking behavoir and thinks the only way to protect her from herself is to keep her druged. Or maybe not. Yeah, for you and at least two more opportunities to read your work.

Author's Response: Well... :)

LadyDeath2008.02.20 - 11:14PM3: Use Your Illusion 3Signed
I'm so confused. Not sure what is happening. Hermione is in a coma and is dreaming everything. Or perhaps Snape is bad and need Hermione to capture Harry. Too many possibilities. Great story. Can't wait for the next chapter to see what is really going on.

Author's Response: Very very close. :

lilghostgirl2008.02.20 - 10:55PM3: Use Your Illusion 3Signed
Uh...Lemme think... Its really harry whose been disguised as Snape so that he could...no! Its actually snape and he's been working on the side of...drats. I got nothing. I look forward to the next chapter so I can find out what the heck is going on!

Author's Response: lol :)

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