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Reviews for Dazed Detachment

loreen772013.05.29 - 08:07AM2: Use Your Illusion 2Signed
Well if there is a third chapter, then there must be more plot twists to come....bring it on!

lilghostgirl2008.02.20 - 10:41PM2: Use Your Illusion 2Signed
NOT EVERYTHING IS AS IT SEEMS...I'd be willing to bet. Though I must confess I am very much in the dark as to whats REALLY going down here.

Author's Response: So twisty. LOL

AggieHook2008.02.19 - 12:47PM2: Use Your Illusion 2Signed
One's mind can be a scary thing indeed. How do we know that what we see is real? I've had a couple of moments when later I asked myself, did that really happen? Fortunately those were just tiny things, but to this day I can't figure them out. I wonder what will Hermione awaken to next....

Author's Response: LOL I know what you mean indeed!

Isode2008.02.18 - 09:00PM2: Use Your Illusion 2Signed
No, not just one more chapter! I am so delightfully confused, can't wait for the update.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

StarryEyedNoOne2008.02.18 - 08:38AM2: Use Your Illusion 2Signed
Ohhh mysterious. I will be very curious to see how you wrap up this package in one more chapter, it feels like an introduction! I like that I have no idea what's really going on though. I always go with "Trust Snape," personally lol.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) Hope you like it! :)

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