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Reviews for Dazed Detachment

Jong_Kahn2018.05.29 - 01:12AM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
What a shame, for all of them: for Hermione, being stuck in that situation, and missing the real Harry, not wanting to be with Snape; for Snape, wanting to normalize the situation between the two of them; for the dead in the wizarding world. Sorry it was so short. Too bad you didn't write an alternate last chapter where it worked out differently. Thanks for all your work writing this.

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 06:42PM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
was it snape or was it harry??

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 06:36PM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
she wanted harry like that or snape?? Oh, how she wanted him! For the last few months, he’d been invading her mind at night and even during the daytime. All of her fantasies were the same—him coming into her bedroom during the night and taking her, just as he was about to.

loreen772013.05.29 - 07:57AM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
Interesting first chapter, so many questions, so few aswers so far.

Isode2008.02.17 - 07:35AM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
No I don't know what is going on, but you have done a great job making me curious. Now I need to know more.

Author's Response: Thnx for reading

RedOrchid2008.02.17 - 04:09AM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
Very confusing for sure. Sort of interested to see what will happen.

Author's Response: Thanks, hope you liked

qwerty30202008.02.16 - 08:52PM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

lilghostgirl2008.02.16 - 06:36PM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
*Stares at the screen slack jawed* wha...who...wha...!?! Is it harry or is it snape!? Whats going on! I'm so confuzzled! I acutally went back and reread it trying to see if there was a clue or a key that I missed that could tell me, but of course it there was I missed it twice. God I cannot wait for more I neeed to know whats going on! Damn you author types! You guys just love to leave the readers in painful suspence, don't cha!?

Author's Response: LOL So dang KoRnFuZiN! :)

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