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Reviews for Dazed Detachment

joannie2018.07.23 - 07:56PM4: LuciditySigned
Why do I always seem to be the last person reading the really good stories. If you don't go beyond the first chapter, you may miss out. I'm glad I continued reading. You are an awesome storyteller.

Jong_Kahn2018.05.29 - 01:12AM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
What a shame, for all of them: for Hermione, being stuck in that situation, and missing the real Harry, not wanting to be with Snape; for Snape, wanting to normalize the situation between the two of them; for the dead in the wizarding world. Sorry it was so short. Too bad you didn't write an alternate last chapter where it worked out differently. Thanks for all your work writing this.

Jces9992018.05.14 - 11:10AM4: LuciditySigned
Really hope there is more of this? It’s building nicely !

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 07:23PM4: LuciditySigned
which one is real her with severus and the dark lord won or her with harry ad dark lord won or ron alive her in bed not able to move and the dark lord dead???

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 07:19PM4: LuciditySigned
harry won and the dark lord is dead as is ginny dead??

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 07:17PM4: LuciditySigned
severus is like hermione??? unable to move??

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 07:16PM4: LuciditySigned
ron is alive?? or is this hermione in second year?? He frowned slightly as he saw the bruise on her forearm. “Oi, what’s this? Thrashed about, did you?” “Harry? Are you here?” called a feminine voice from the stairway. “I’m in the room, Madam Pomfrey,” he said, rising to meet her at the doorway. “Any change with her today?” she asked hopefully. “No, but there’s a new bruise. Must have moved about while I was gone.” “Gone?” “Only for a half hour at the most,” he said abashedly. “I didn’t want to leave, but Ron swore that if I didn’t, his mum would bring the whole lot here to have dinner.” “Well, I suppose some time without you is better than too much time with a houseful of people who are accidentally inconsiderate to her condition,” she said with disapproval. “Ron didn’t know any better,” Harry pointed out. “He was there when Healer Goodwin explained the nature of this condition. Everything we say or do around her can possibly influence the outcome of her treatments. Each time we start her treatments, it seems something always happens to put things behind.” She looked over at Hermione and smiled softly. “I can only hope this session will be the best yet. She does seem stronger, doesn’t she? And she has more lucid periods than ever before.” Harry’s face reddened, remembering her moaning erotically the day before. “Lucid—I wouldn’t call it that exactly.” “Well,” she said with a huff, “you know what I mean. Ah, let me just check her vitals and give her tonight’s dose before I check on my other patient.” Making a noncommittal grunt, Harry moved over to the window again, not wanting to watch, not daring to hope. Since he’d defeated Voldemort and had lost Ginny in the final battle, things had changed for him. He’d stopped going out in public, as many people didn’t find it rude to pester him for a chat or an autograph at every turn. The worst part of it all was that Hermione had been hexed with something that had them struggling to cure her.

snapefan19832017.11.24 - 06:42PM1: Use Your Illusion 1Signed
was it snape or was it harry??

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