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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 01:39PM9: DecisionsSigned
see what i mean “I told you that you will have me if you want me,” he whispered.

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 12:59PM9: DecisionsSigned
but he wants her to suduce him isnt that what he said before?? if you want me you will have me but much late when there is time for that!!!

snapefan19832014.09.30 - 12:47PM9: DecisionsSigned
so therere 2 heirs to slytherin the drk lord and severus snape??!!!!!!!!!! “Grace was, for all it’s known, as stupid as she was deceitful. She never mentioned it to her grandmother and bore proudly the claim that she was from Salazar’s bloodline. Everybody – if they even knew about Salome – forgot that Rowena had even had two daughters. Naturally, from Grace’s descendants came Tom Riddle’s mother and the Dark Lord discovered the Chamber of Secrets. Grace had heard of it, for Godric liked to claim he had closed it forever. For what I’ve heard about it now that it had been reopened – never trust a Gryffindor to do something to last forever – it is quite different from what Salazar himself designed. If the documents we possess are accurate, the Chamber of Secrets was the place he wanted to live with Rowena, away from prying eyes, and definitely not a place to hide a basilisk. Knowing the Dark Lord and his ancestors, it’s more than probable that they put it in there themselves.”

MollysSister2008.07.25 - 04:57PM9: DecisionsSigned
So Severus was pretending to be all appalled at having to bed Hermione? Sneaky sneaky

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 11:33AM9: DecisionsSigned
annoying albus!!

cheerybrat2005.07.10 - 01:45AM9: DecisionsSigned
I know this story is done, but, I had to laugh. I find it funny how you keep reusing the astronmy tower in your different writtings. xD

pickles2004.10.23 - 06:58PM9: DecisionsSigned
sometimes albus can be such a pain. tom and albus do battle all the time to bad they can't leave everyone else alone.

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