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Reviews for Samhain's Destiny

Masters Angel2015.06.11 - 02:07PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Absolutely brilliant. My chest is actually tight with the rightness of the story. Loved it! Thank you.

loreen772013.06.09 - 09:11AM1: One-shot StorySigned
Sad yet sweet. Well done.

jaemistoryteller2012.11.14 - 06:01PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Thats sweet, completely and utterly sweet, even if it is a death fic.

Plebia2007.11.25 - 07:57PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Well, this is the first SSHG I've read to attempt DH compliance, and I love it! Very well done!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked it! :)

MollysSister2007.11.12 - 03:53PM1: One-shot StorySigned
Did Hermione know as she followed him that she was going behind the veil as it were? I feel like I did after reading Ramos's Unfinished Business. Its so damn depressing that they had to die to be together and yet one shouldnt get too upset b/c at least they are together. Know what I mean jelly bean? Frumps.

Author's Response: She realized, yes, and she chose to go on. Very sad in some ways. :) Thanks for reading!

Rosmerta2007.11.10 - 11:30PM1: One-shot StorySigned
I loved this! What a lovely story. A terrific idea, and well told.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)

excessivelyperky2007.11.10 - 07:34PM1: One-shot StoryAnonymous
I'm surprised she didn't blame herself for not going back and at least retrieving his body. Instead, she walked out and let him die alone. Ok, she's Hermione Granger, and she's with Snape now, but in some ways she's still so very Gryffindor (as in 'being Gryffindor means never having to say you're sorry'). I wonder if she put what she did or didn't do in her book? This is very good. But just once I'd like to see a member of the Trio sorry for what they did or didn't do. Just once.

Author's Response: She and Harry were responsible for his burial (next to Dumbledore at Hogwarts), which was in the story. I thought since it listed all that they'd done, it implied that they'd gone back for him. Also, she tells Snape this: I wish that I could have saved you, she said softly. Im sorry about what happened to you. Even Harry has been active in bringing you the respect you deserve.

So, she was sorry and she did say that she was sorry to him. Maybe you'd missed that in the story? I'm uncertain. ~shrug~
As far as canon goes, there was nothing she could do for Snape anyway--a venomous snake had ripped through his neck. I did hate that she just took off with one glance after conjuring the glass for his memories. :(

LadyVi_072007.11.10 - 04:47PM1: One-shot StorySigned
that was truly brilliant..so sad,but so happy! really cheered up my night.

Author's Response: I'm glad. Thank you.

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