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Reviews for Becoming Whole

Jong_Kahn2018.06.08 - 01:39AM11: EpilogueSigned
Thanks for another good story. You're one of the top writers here. I liked your characterizations and plot. It was a pleasurable surprise for this to go so smoothly between Severus and Hermione, as it so often doesn't in stories here. Dunno if that's "realistic" or not--but I didn't really care. Nice to have it work out easily, for a change. Too much unexpressed sexual tension gets tedious after a while. Here's another "10", and I wish it were more. Thanks for all your hard work!

Jong_Kahn2018.06.08 - 01:07AM8: Chapter 8Signed
Nicely done. Emotionally and sexually believable--a good combination, not necessarily always found here. Glad Hermione got jealous! A "10" for you, for sure!

Jong_Kahn2018.06.07 - 03:37PM1: Chapter 1Signed
This is in my Favorites pile, but I haven't read it for a while. I can tell by the fact I hadn't left a review means I read it so long ago I must've first come to Ashwinder, when I was still feeling shy. (That's over!) I look forward to revisiting this, as you're one of my favorite authors.

marisamarinee2014.06.30 - 12:36AM11: EpilogueSigned

marisamarinee2014.06.30 - 12:04AM8: Chapter 8Signed
lol Hermione

marisamarinee2014.06.29 - 11:36PM6: Chapter 6Signed
Things are a changing

marisamarinee2014.06.29 - 10:53PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Aww poor Sev

marisamarinee2014.06.29 - 10:29PM3: Chapter 3Signed
Snappy snappy

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