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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

marisamarinee2014.09.27 - 05:22PM8: Unveiling SecretsSigned
I knew it!!

mgck2008.09.15 - 12:01AM8: Unveiling SecretsSigned
Yay! Severus saves the day. :D

MollysSister2008.07.25 - 04:50PM8: Unveiling SecretsSigned
“Albus, stay focused on the subject,” growled Severus." That is just too funny. I have wanted to scream that canon Albus many a time!

verasuspense2008.03.08 - 12:02AM8: Unveiling SecretsSigned
Of course Severus is Salazar's heir. Who else? I'm glad Hermione smacked Harry. Now let's see her punch out Ron.

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 11:33AM8: Unveiling SecretsSigned
cool! this will get interesting

pickles2004.10.23 - 06:38PM8: Unveiling SecretsSigned
oohhh that is an awesome idea. haven't seen it before. bravo....

mama_trouble2004.02.12 - 07:06PM8: Unveiling SecretsAnonymous
im really enjoying this story im not a writer but i love read and you are really good so thanks for great story back to my story or should i say yours sorry

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