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Reviews for The Other

multi_mistress2010.04.02 - 04:31PM1: The OtherSigned
Loved It! Wicked!

adelgado2008.09.01 - 03:29AM1: The OtherSigned
interesting. i like the mysteryish ending. are they together? wil theyfind peace? thanks for writting

Shiro Ryu2007.09.25 - 10:42PM1: The OtherSigned
Very good. I would like to know what happened to Snape and Hermione, although, maybe it is better to leave it the way you did so we can each imagine the ending we want. Thank you.

celisnebula2007.08.30 - 04:55PM1: The OtherSigned
alphafemale 2007.08.06 - 03:43PM 1: The Other Signed [Delete] I liked that you investigated the wording of the prophecy in depth. And although I wish I knew what happened to them, I like the idea of Severus and Hermione disappearing after going through all that... whether together or not.

celisnebula2007.08.30 - 04:55PM1: The OtherSigned
LogicalQuirk 2007.07.27 - 11:33AM 1: The Other Anonymous [Delete] Very bittersweet, and simply put, in a good way.

celisnebula2007.08.30 - 04:55PM1: The OtherSigned
longloveseverus 2007.07.23 - 07:47PM 1: The Other Anonymous [Delete] Although I usually have a hard time swallowing a Snape/Hermione pic, I greatly enjoyed this one. It was very well done.

celisnebula2007.08.30 - 04:55PM1: The OtherSigned
humantales 2007.07.20 - 10:53PM 1: The Other Signed [Delete] Too, too sad. I really hope that Harry can survive destroying Voldemort.

celisnebula2007.08.30 - 04:55PM1: The OtherSigned
Maggie 2007.07.19 - 10:54PM 1: The Other Signed [Delete] Wow! Well done.

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