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Reviews for These Dreams

loreen772013.06.19 - 07:56PM1: Only ChapterSigned
Sad yet beautiful. Your writing really conveyed the guilt and regret.

Sariana2012.01.12 - 12:49AM1: Only ChapterSigned
Thsi is an old story, so it may not matter now. But I'm really sorry about whatever happened in your life that was reflected in this story. :( It is a beautiful story, though, and I guess serves to remind us that great art often derives from tragic reality.

Doomspark2011.11.05 - 09:19AM1: Only ChapterSigned
This came up today on Random Fics. Well done!

WnL6242011.02.10 - 02:12AM1: Only ChapterSigned
So sad. It would sure take a long time for Hermione to come to terms with her guilt. Thank you.

FireBlade2008.12.06 - 10:09PM1: Only ChapterSigned
I tried figuring out the setting before you laid it out for us. I got the gist, the dreams were well done, I sometimes have dreams like hermione has or random images that leave when I wake up and can no longer recall what I dreamed of. Fantastic work.

kittylefish2008.03.16 - 03:58AM1: Only ChapterSigned
this came up as a random fic. i thought the dream sequences were worked well, and it's very evocative - but oh so sad.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

handpfeather2007.08.21 - 12:19AM1: Only ChapterAnonymous
I thought the dream sequences were outstanding. Definitely gave the feel of the dream and how it morphs into something else. Thanks

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'd hoped they would. :) Cheers!

Night Owl2007.08.20 - 11:21PM1: Only ChapterSigned
Very good southern, and the somber feel fits just right, only adding to general line of the fic. Keep 'em coming!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I appreciate the read.

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