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Reviews for Written Confessions

Jong_Kahn2018.06.08 - 02:17AM1: One ChapterSigned
Well done. I'm sorry he had to Obliviate Hermione, and I'm sorry she couldn't stay friends with Harry and Ron and the rest, post Voldemort's demise. Still, he made it possible for them to complete the job. Good story!

loreen772013.06.22 - 11:02PM1: One ChapterSigned
Wow, that is just freaking brillant. Very well done!

Buggy2013.06.08 - 04:34PM1: One ChapterSigned

Jenniemay2011.09.20 - 08:05PM1: One ChapterSigned

Jenniemay2011.09.20 - 08:05PM1: One ChapterSigned

katielady82011.04.17 - 02:56PM1: One ChapterSigned
I really enjoyed this ficlette! I can forgive Snape his 'selfishness'. He deserves to be happy and can keep Hermone safe in the process. I wouldn't mind being wisked away by Severus to be loved by him ... :sigh:

Doomspark2009.01.18 - 04:27PM1: One ChapterSigned

Mazzy2008.01.16 - 04:55PM1: One ChapterSigned
This IS a dark Snape - very selfish. I can't believe he Obliviated her! Ah, well... I suppose for Snape it would be considered in the 'things we do for love' catagory. lol

Author's Response: Definitely. LOL Thanks for reading anyway though. ~grins~

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