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Reviews for Tonight You're Mine Completely Part II

loreen772018.05.23 - 10:42PM1: Some Dreams Do Come TrueSigned
I loved this chapter. Best one yet. So much drama! Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you, Loreen, for the positive, reinforcing review. The only way I know if the story line is setting well with readers is from their comments. I appreciate that you took the time to leave yours. Some may think the story is moving too slowly. I found the only way for the reader to see what I saw when started the outline for the story was to show the development of the characters and not reiterate what we already know as told and described by the beloved JKR. I can truly see Severus and Hermione together - but she would have to mature and he would have to grow up and learn to live. joannie

Jenniemay2011.09.11 - 12:07AM5: Spirit Of The NightSigned
Hope you one day finish it all. But mostly, I hope you are dealing with life well. That you are ok.

Author's Response: Thank you, Jenniemay. No, I have not given up. I have the next five chapters in a first draft. However, I lost my original beta reader. I had almost given up getting the story posted on Ashwinder as I cannot seem to get it to pass the critical test without someone competent with punctuation and an occasional tense mismatch or wrong word usage. I worried a lot over this story when I first started it back in 2005 as an SS LP pairing was not popular. I felt all along that there was something there – and I was proven right at the end. It did give me cause for concern for awhile that the story just wouldn’t be accepted. I did not find the age gap between HG and SS particularly bothersome as there had been 25 years between my DH and me. Hermione is intelligent and she needs to be challenged. I never got the Ron thing – did not make sense to me. I am humbly grateful to septentrion for accepting my story to beta read. You can look forward to an update; I do not when though. I am a little slow as I work and have a zillion things to do around the house. As you may have surmised in the last chapter of Part II that Snape feels Lily has given him permission to move on with his life. This does not mean that he mourns her loss any less. In fact, he does not. Lily will always be his first love. He is open to accepting that maybe he can have a normal life – that is if he lives to see it. He has his doubts that he will survive, but he is developing protective feelings for Hermione. I love Hermione’s character; she is witty, intelligent, and curious. In addition, she is about to “see” things she has no memory of happening. Elf thinks highly of HG and would like nothing more than to have her for a mistress. Thus, she seeks opportunities to put HG and SS together. Thank you very much for the review. Hugs, joannie P.S. Yes, Every day gets better. I am learning to love life again. Thank you.

sev78912011.07.23 - 05:39PM5: Spirit Of The NightSigned
i just wanted to say i love your story its just so amazing im sorry for your loss. I csn understand in a way both off my sisters have passed on one in november 2002 and one in jan. 2011 its a really horrible thing to happen and im so sorry

Author's Response: Hello sev, I am sorry for your loss. A sibling's passing is difficult - perhaps more so than a parent. It forces us to face our own mortality. I lost a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law this summer - not as close as sisters, but I can empathize with you. I appreciate life more in way now that I did when I was younger. I am told that for a parent to lose a child is the worst loss of all because it is not natural - it goes against the order of life. I hope you have many memories of the good times with your sisters. Here I am rattling on - I will stop for now - thank you for taking the time to write. I just popped into tonight to check on my plea for a beta reader. I have 3 more chapters to post but alack and alas I am comma impaired. I feel like I am letting people down by not getting this story finished. I know what it is like to read a story that never gets updated. For this I apologize. It was difficult for me to pickup and my beta lost track of the story line. Did you see the last movie? I just did last week. I missed 6 and Part 1 of 7. The movies do not do the books justice. Hugs, joannie

buffyslayer2010.07.10 - 12:44AM1: Some Dreams Do Come TrueSigned
I'm glad to see you feeling a bit pepped up...loss can sometimes paralyze us in more ways than we think. I lost my Dad in Oct. 2008, and though I feel it deeply everyday, I also hear his voice telling me to 'quit wooling (meaning: woolgathering) about it.'. The stone you photographed is a beautiful tribute, and really shows the strength of your love. "Take care of yourself, and try to enjoy your life", that was the advise my Dad gave me when I saw him last. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you buffy for those kind words. I am sorry on the loss of your father. Losing a parent is an awful experience. When both of mine passed away, I felt like an orphan for a long time. I am told the only thing worse is when a parent loses a child - because that is just not the natural order. The next chapter is written, and I hope to get it to my beta soon. If I could get my commas in the correct places it would be easier. I cringe when it comes back and I missed a simple one - the hard ones maybe. My brain has been pulled one way and the other so much lately that it has been hard to concentrate punctuation rules. I promise to immerse myself in my punctuation guides and get this chapter out. Appreciatively, joannie

Author's Response: Hi buffyslayer, It's been a long and you may no longer be interested. I can not begin to tell how many times I re-read some of my favorite stories when I trying to get over my loss. Beta readers seem to be at premium these days. I have set up a livejournal account, and it is my intent to post the remaining chapters there. joannie

deejay2010.06.15 - 09:22PM5: Spirit Of The NightSigned
Now I am not going to nag you. I am old enough to have some idea of what you are going through in life. I just hope you are able to push through it all and not give up on things you enjoy. I hope you enjoy writing this. I have enjoyed reading it (both parts).

Author's Response: deejay, thanks for the nudge. I do enjoy writing it. And, I have been gone so long I re-read all 17 chapters and made a synopsis. I finished it last night and am putting finger to keyboard once again. Though I think I will have to make the chapters shorter. I sit here wondering if I can do it. I swear I would write late at night and the next morning read what I wrote, and I would say, “Wow, where did that come from?” I started this re-read while on vacation in Cancun in April, which went good and bad – the vacation that is. I had a friend for awhile, but that ended after vacation. He came along at a time when I was barely functioning as a person. I thought my life was over. I am getting back to normal and finding that there is much in life to enjoy. Part of that enjoyment is writing this story, and hopefully, once again enjoying the great authors on Ashwinder. The other part may be due to finally getting the stone set and unveiling. A lot of thought went into this design - http://www.flickr.com/photos/thecameraclinic/4708107170/in/set-72157624292104554/

buffyslayer2010.01.30 - 02:50AM5: Spirit Of The NightSigned
i've been reading this wonderful story for some time now, and sometimes readers don't review because they never know what to say...so I want to say this is fantastic!Please keep up the awesome job. Cheers!

Author's Response: Hi Buffy, Thank you for that comment. You are so right. I am trying to get back to the story. I want to finish it - and brought my laptop on vacation - Cancun - hopint to make some progress on the next chapter. This has been a very tough period for me and it has been impossible to continue. Losing a loved one took more out of me than I would ever have imagined. He's been gone a little over two years. The final approval of the stone was done and there will be a dedication in June - I am moving forward. hugs, joannie

gurlimargrethe2009.08.21 - 09:12AM5: Spirit Of The NightSigned
oh I am so drawn to your story. Hope for another update soon

Author's Response: I am so pleased that you enjoy it. I have it all outlined, and I am getting it slowly onto the computer. I wish it could go faster too. Thank you very much for your review. joannie

deejay2009.04.18 - 05:11PM4: Chamber Pots And Haunting ThoughtsSigned
I hope this is not abandoned. It is too good for that fate.

Author's Response: Fear not. I have not abandoned. I just need to get the next chapter up - it will be the last chapter that has a lot of Severus and Lily. It has been a rough year and a half - I can now say I know how Severus felt when he lost Lily. thank you for reviewing, I promise to complete. joannie

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