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Reviews for I Am Your Dentist

Littlebigmouth2016.01.15 - 04:49AM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
I remember the dentist I went to when I had my wisdom teeth out. Old guy who could have been Albus dentist when Albus was still a kid.Reeked of raw onions and garlic naturally a face breather. And had a habit of leaning his arm across my forehead to get a better grip. We really can't create characters like this you just have to meet them. Though I do hope your dentist had a good sense of humor about the story.

Author's Response: This is a composite of some of the dentists I've been to with a large dose of my orthodontist. My orthodontist had the hairiest knuckles, he didn't wear gloves and he had the fugliest waiting room decor you ever did see. And one dentist I had as a kid had those comical figurines. My current dentist is nothing like this guy. My current dentist has the touch of an angel, the bedside manner of a saint and is the only completely painless dentist I've ever been to.

Buggy2014.09.23 - 11:30AM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
oh that was brilliant!

loreen772014.04.06 - 11:20AM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
Very funny,my childhood dentist also has hairy knuckles....so gross.

ruthless5272012.03.27 - 03:38PM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
Ha ha! Honorary Death Eater. I love it.

LadyMiya2009.03.10 - 01:08PM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
HAHA! This was so funny! My father is a dentist as well, but I would never let my boyfriend go through the horror of meeting him in his chair! Hermione must be a real sadist ;) Oh, well. I really enjoyed this one-short! Brightened up my day a little! Thanks for writing it!

EleanorRigby2009.01.06 - 12:01PM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
This has got to be one of the funniest stories I have ever read--I remember my dentist having hairy knuckles too, and listening to the gurgles and squeaks from his gut which was always positioned about 3 inches away from my ear. Well done!!

somebodyoranother2008.10.16 - 11:27PM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
I HATE going to the dentist, lol Also Betz is my last name so I was really amused that was your user name

djf_892008.06.09 - 04:46PM1: I Am Your DentistSigned
As a Dental Nurse, I LOVED this. The only bit that got me was "bicuspid" because I'm so used to "premolar" I dunno whether its just a dentist thing, or a US/UK thing, but all the dentists I work with use premolar. yeah, awsome! He he.

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