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Reviews for A Trial of the Heart

JamesandLily4ever2008.07.30 - 05:26PM7: OctoberSigned
Yeah, Sev's definitely going to the ball. :D Anyway, I love the flow of the story (despite the short chapters *sulks*). 10/10! Update as soon as you can, because I'm catching up. :]

Author's Response: Thx.

vaila2007.07.29 - 12:25PM7: OctoberSigned
That was so cruel - detention in the night of the ball! Rowena was Hermione's savior. Bless her! I am keen to find out what will happen at the ball. I wish the chapters were coming out more quickly - I know it is not your fault - I see the next chapter is on the queue the day the previous is out - so maybe the admins are a little slow these days because of the release of HP7 - no matter what happens there I am determined to read as many happy ends for Snape as I can untll I get bored. SO, this story is on the front row and I am following it!

Author's Response: Yeah that detention was cruel. The admins admittedly have alot on their hands. HP7 was upsetting so I'm glad you're ready happy endings.

Author's Response: The next Chapter is up... Read away!

eelame2007.07.29 - 04:50AM7: OctoberSigned
Ah, Rowena is a wonderful character. And I'm so glad that when she interacts with Severus, the brother-sister dynamic is believable. Great chapter, I hope Rowena can get ol' Sev to the ball in time to see Hermione looking lovely.

Author's Response: Thank yuo very much. The next chapter will be up soon (already in queue) so you can find out if your guess is right.

amy skydancer2007.07.28 - 03:53PM7: OctoberSigned
hmmm..Rowena's fixed Hermione....now, all she needs to do is give her dear brother a swift kick and get him to the ball......

Author's Response: Haha. I like the way you think.

barbarade2007.07.28 - 05:40AM7: OctoberSigned
What is going on with Severus in this chapter? Why does he appear so down and sad? Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: When I was writting this chapter i took into consideration the fact that Hermione had just giving him the old "you need moral help" speech after the duel, and he would probably be reminded of his days of school balls (thus being upset because i can definately see him as a wall flower).

septentrion2007.07.28 - 03:59AM7: OctoberSigned
So, Hermione's detention was just an excuse not to attend the ball? I would have liked to see Harry's reaction to Hermione having detention and not him, somekind of remorse perhaps.

Author's Response: An interesting idea... I believe he would have used anyone's detention as an excuse, Hermione was just in the line of fire. I think he would have given harry a reprieve seeing as he spent away most of his happiness in the past fighting Voldemort.

Crescentmoon2007.07.27 - 11:10PM7: OctoberSigned
Can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed. The next chapter should be going to queue in a matter of hours.

Snape_dreamer2007.07.27 - 10:52PM7: OctoberSigned
I'm really liking his sister. She si such a spit fire. I think he should go to the ball. But I will say from readin the chapter, he seems very tired or close to it. Liking it so far.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I made Rowena to be a spitfire because from my knowledge children of abuse either grow to be defiant determined spitfires, who are galvanized by their trial with fire, or they become reclusive and depressed with deep emotional issues.

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