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Reviews for As Soon As I Belong

Ljpjcg2018.02.02 - 02:53PM11: EpilogueSigned
Liked all of this very much. Great plot. Short but very interesting!

Ljpjcg2018.02.02 - 02:11PM4: Chapter 4: Seeking Answers ElsewhereSigned
Really like this and I'm only at Chapter 4. Great mystery and characterizations.

Corylea2017.08.21 - 02:30PM11: EpilogueSigned
That was a fun story. If killing off Harry Potter wasn't part of the original prompt, I'm curious as to why you decided to do so?

Corylea2017.08.21 - 01:47PM2: Chapter 2: The Morning AfterSigned
Loved the line, "He slipped into the bathroom to dress, narrowly avoiding what appeared to be a large orange bottlebrush in his path, which was apparently attached to a cat that was looking at him intently."

breastlady2015.09.01 - 12:21AM4: Chapter 4: Seeking Answers ElsewhereSigned
This may be my 3rd time reading this story and I have the curse or blessing of terrible short term memory. So. Even though I think this is my 3rd read I couldn't remember what had been done to Severus until I just read it again. I only just remembered that they do indeed go to Bulgaria and I am reasonably certain that they find a way to break this curse. The most important thing is that Hermione and Severus have a romantic attachment. That was why I read this the first 2 times. Let's read on to find out if any more comes of this relationship than the first night fling. I don't remember the end except that I don't think Snape dies. Great story so far! Cheers!

marisamarinee2015.06.15 - 06:01PM2: Chapter 2: The Morning AfterSigned
Interesting. So neither of them put up the dark enchantments? 😂

Jong_Kahn2015.03.11 - 11:14AM11: EpilogueSigned
I'd like to think that Severus' "Perhaps" got to be modified into more enthusiasm after more 'experiments'. A very well done story, very much in character for everyone involved. Thank you.

Jong_Kahn2015.03.11 - 11:10AM10: Chapter 10: Evaluating the ResultsSigned
When even the cat knows something's wrong when there's no Severus for Hermione--that's a situation that's got to change. Come on, Severus--figure it out!

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