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Reviews for A Trial of the Heart

barbarade2007.07.28 - 05:36AM6: WoundsSigned
I was so happy to see another update on this wonderful story. Hope Hermione will not give up on Severus and help him to become whole again.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the continued support.

greenwood2007.07.17 - 12:39PM6: WoundsAnonymous
I really like the introduction to Rowena Snape in this story. I really like her and think she is such a good "opposite" to Severus. Harmione seems such a "child" in this story with a true school girl crush. Having Severus' older sister to compair to makes Harmione seem more a child especially with her still in school and hanging with her mates. I like the story a lot but the golden trio seem to have not been touched by thier encounter with death from the war. It' s as though they were placed back in their 4 year or something. Harmione needs to grow up before Severus could even think of her as a "more than friend" if this is where it is suppose to head. The plot of this story is really good though so I hope you still keep going with it.

Author's Response: Thanks for such a detailed response. I agree that Hermione still has to do much growing, before she and Severus can have a chance. That will definately emerge in the story very soon. Thank you for your appreciation of Rowena.

vaila2007.07.17 - 03:31AM6: WoundsSigned
Nice chapter - what a duel. And Hermione helping Snape! But she is not the one who ensured his release - there were a lot of people who voted for him. Hermione just happened to be the last.

Author's Response: Perhaps, she was the last, but she broke the final tie, which if she hadn't would have sent him to Azkaban or worse.

Maddie2007.07.17 - 12:19AM6: WoundsSigned
Exciting duel. Poor Severus still feels he must suffer. He just does not want to be rescued. Perhaps only his sister can reach him at the moment.

Author's Response: Severus definately cannot forgive himself. As to who will reach him, you'll have to wait and see.

Maggie2007.07.16 - 11:15PM6: WoundsSigned
Siblings fighting, makes me glad my children aren't magical.

Author's Response: Haha. Yeah magical children would be dangerous to your home.

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