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Reviews for A Trial of the Heart

ladyluv2007.07.07 - 01:17AM5: SurprisesSigned
The 1st 5 chapters are very interesting. I cannot wait to see where you take us. Snape's sister is a good character. Cannot wait for chapter 6

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your support.

Author's Response: Chapter Six is now up.

septentrion2007.07.06 - 12:10PM5: SurprisesSigned
Me thinks that the ball being announced while Hermione is not there will have consequences...

Author's Response: Not entirely, however it was a bit of a symbalic move on my part.

vaila2007.07.06 - 11:19AM5: SurprisesSigned
Balls again! WOW! I just can't wait to read this! I knew it! I just knew the new professor will be Rowena. But how will they call her exactly? Professor Rowena or just Rowena? I think it should be the first one as the second one is far too informal. Am I right! I am curious. Does Snape know Hermione like him? He seems to be surprised that she is watching him. Maybe he can put two and two tgether and find out. So the first ball is on Halloween - so 31st of Oct - very very soon! I am looking forward to it! I see chapter six is on the queue. Is this story finished altready?

Author's Response: I believe Rowena would let her call them either. She seems rather informal most of the time, however I think it will be Professor Rowena from most students. The story planning is all finished; i have a big notebook full of writters notes on plot, I have yet to type it all up though.

Author's Response: Part six is now up.

Maggie2007.07.06 - 09:28AM5: SurprisesSigned
Hmmm.... Ball.....let's see....

Author's Response: Yes Balls... the perfect examples of romantic enviroments and embarassment.

Author's Response: Be sure to check out Chapter Six which is now up.. It's entitled Wounds.

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