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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

talesofsnape2011.07.13 - 04:06AM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
If that's a good morning kiss, I'm not going to ask what's entailed in a right good snog.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

ceecee98982010.11.15 - 07:48PM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
I wish I had a severus in my life! seriously all the guys I date are like him but inferior.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

ElectricBloo2008.03.29 - 02:53PM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
Cheers for posting.

asortedhat2008.03.25 - 10:53AM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this story- I've read it in one go today while tending a sickly child and avoiding all the housework I should be doing (Hermione would never approve). Though I could live with it ending here,I would so like it to continue. I would like for harry and ron to realise how mistaken they are about severus and about the nature of friendship and for Dumbledore to have further success with his meddling. It's nice to see Lavender portrayed in a sympathetic way - she often gets short-shiftted in fanfic. Again,thanks for a lovely read.

irrynuka2008.03.05 - 03:46PM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
Very very nice :D Glad I finally got around to reading this [very much rec'ed] fic, as it was most definitely worth it. Love the development of their relationship...and how unsure they both are...and everything else. Just perfect! ~LestatsWife

SeverussGirl2008.02.23 - 01:17AM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
Incredible.... I don't think that word sums up nearly how amazing this story was to read. Thank you, you are most talented.

E Stelex2008.01.13 - 10:02PM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
So glad to read that you are continuing this outstanding story! I like the premise so much, and the character development has been outstanding.

Dreamy_Dragon2007.11.13 - 11:16PM29: The Two of Us (part 2)Signed
I've just discovered your story and read it almost in one go. It's lovely. Severus and Hermione are so tender with each other and yet so in character. Hope to read more soon.

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