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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

marisamarinee2014.06.03 - 05:03AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
So sweet

azureavian2009.09.23 - 02:28AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
reviewy review: AH! ohhhh, yay! eek! oh no! yay! awww, wooo whoo!, Neville ::kissy noises::, Snape! ::more kissy noises:: yay! sniffle, sniffle yay!!

Adri2009.05.25 - 09:18PM40: The Final Battle IISigned
Oh goodness. You..are..just...amazing. Your descriptions. The way you described the characters' looks in their eyes, their madness, their rage, their emotions...it was just beathtaking. And your SEVERUS! Oh goodness! Just AMAZING! He has that INCREDIBLY POWERFUL and amazing side, almost evil side to him and then the good side to him both of which you described perfectly! I LOVED the duel between Severus and Voldemort. I just adored it. As well as the fact that Harry was watching it. I loved Severus' power in that moment, the fact that he got to use Crucio on Voldemort and how he talked to him, shocking Voldemort beyond belief and making Harry truly realize how much our dear Severus was holding back. ARGH. I ADORE this. You have no idea how much I love this story. You are truly talented. Really. It was just epic..breathtaking..beautiful yet absolutely terrifying and perfect at the same time. You did an amazing job. ;) I love your Severus Snape and how you developed the relationships with him and other characters as well as between the other characters themselves. Wow. Getting my writing a bit long here but. I did love it..and I'm not even fully done reading it yet. I shall go read the epilogue now. ;D

Snapes Phoenix2009.05.22 - 04:24AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
wow! what a battle! you described it in amazing detail. excellent!

verasuspense2008.09.08 - 11:05AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
When they rebuild Hogwarts, I hope they add two new towers: one for Hufflepuff and one for Slytherin. bad enough to have to live in the basement, like the Huffs, but the Slys live in a *dungeon* with black walls and no windows, while everybody disses them. No wonder they go bad!

Aurora2008.06.02 - 01:47AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
OMG, I am absolutely exhausted from fighting that battle!! You put your readers right in the thick of things!! What vivid images; I could feel the groud shake, hear the rush of the Hippogriff through the leaves, hold my breath each time another foe appeared... What else can I say? Magnificent writing, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!!!!!

Isode2008.05.20 - 12:19AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
Really liked your story a very pleasant read.

ninjaonfire2007.10.26 - 08:15AM40: The Final Battle IISigned
Wow, your battle was so intense. I'm proud of Wormtail, very proud!

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