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Reviews for No Loyalty in the Moonlight

Lucy2016.11.20 - 09:03AM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
"No, lacking honor now qualified one, he supposed, for politics." Lol!! Post brexit and post Trump election, this really made me lol. But overall, what a beautifully written chapter. Clambering on to read the next, can't contain the suspense!

Laure_lei2013.10.27 - 01:42AM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
"No, lacking honor now qualified one, he supposed, for politics." Reading and trying to be quiet because it's the middle of the night, and this line made me literally laugh out loud! If it doesn't qualify one, it sure doesn't disqualify one, does it?

hobgoblinn2008.04.05 - 09:20PM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
what a fantastic start. I'm forcing myself to stop here and leave some admiring words for the imagery, the beautiful writing, and the compelling mystery you're setting up. Can't wait to see more, and very happy I stumbled across this on hg_ss digest.

AmyLouise2008.01.16 - 02:13AM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
This is dark indeed, and an intriguing approach. The background setting is very grim, and full of tantalising mystery; I like its unrelenting gloom, and hope you'll post more chapters soon.

Author's Response: AmyLouise, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you when you were so thoughtful as to take the time to review. RL was... hm... eating my head at the time, but your review touched my heart nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the other chapters I've posted since; I have many more to come. Wishing you the best of times, ~ Ari

Leraiv Snape2007.06.04 - 01:27PM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
This is fascinating, one of the best reads I've had in awhile. I like your hardened Hermione, and kudos for using the older staff and the ghosts- I've never seen them used like this before. I'm hoping since you won an award that the story is finished? And that it will be updated regluarly? I am definitely looking forward to reading more!

Rosmerta2007.05.30 - 08:25PM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
I'm really enjoying the start of this story ... now I must have more. You have a lovely, almost poetic style, and you're good at deepening the mystery to leave us wanting more!

vision2007.05.30 - 02:09PM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
Ah! I need information! The mystery is wonderful--its certainly keeping me in suspense!--but I'd much rather just know what's going on. I'm sure that's the point to your developing it in this way, but still... Update quickly, please, or I'll go crazy!

hedgehog2007.05.30 - 01:35PM3: A Pensieve SkySigned
Intriguing! I just caught up with this story and you've caught me. I will be looking forward to updates. I find an older HG and SS to be a less tried approach...and still quite young as wizards go. Thanks.

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