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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

breastlady2015.05.25 - 10:40PM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
There must be enough of the Felixis potion for Severus to have some too, since next to Harry he is the one in the most danger of attack. Why haven't they decided to give some to Severus? Will Hermione be watching Harry's back or Severus'? If it was me, I'm bad. I'd figure everyone would be helping Harry so I would be helping Severus. And, I'd put some of that potion in his morning tea.

marisamarinee2014.06.03 - 03:37AM38: On the Eve of WarSigned

Lily_Lupin2009.07.13 - 02:37AM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
I admit it, i was tearing up while readin this. love it!

mroczna882009.05.25 - 09:42AM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
Excited? ME! :D I can't wait to see more! And I'll kill you if Tonks or Remus die!(in this fic I love them as a pair. They're diffirent but love each other so much!).

Author's Response: *laughs* Oh my. Thank goodness you don't have to wait then. :) I hope you enjoy the battle. *grins and wanders away*

Aurora2008.06.02 - 12:53AM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
I can hardly write for the tears brimming over in my eyes. That was sooooo beautiful. Shakespeare's sonnets have nothing on you for exquisite evocation of emotion.

ninjaonfire2007.10.26 - 07:29AM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
The ending was so beautiful. I'm anxious for the final battle, to see who will live and who will die. Thank you for everything up to this point - your story has been amazing.

Nichalia2007.05.30 - 11:10PM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
Oh, so close!

Rita Forlorn2007.05.30 - 09:42PM38: On the Eve of WarAnonymous
I've loved this story so far. I've been timid about saying anything thus far. I'm more of a lurker really. The finall battle has me squirming with anticipation. I bounce my legs when I get excited, so my boyfriend will stop by and see me doing this while reading your stories. He often comments on it, finds it funny that I could get so excited from reading action rather than watching it on the Tele. Any ways, my only real complaint/curiosity, is how the twins traps havn't come into effect with people stomping all over the grounds. Draco. Lucious. Charlie and the Dragons. Ron and Severus. I'm always waiting for them to bumble into a trap and find themselves with thier danglie-bits hexed off or something. Oh! And, Great Story. I'm sure it'll be one I'll reread many times.

Author's Response: How can I resist? I'm posting the final battle chapters now then. Because you're bouncing for them and I, a merciful Lord, er, writer - shall oblige. Give them a bit for the admins to post but check back. Ah - why haven't they tripped over traps? Hm - you'll see... Thanks! Ana

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