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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

breastlady2015.05.25 - 09:19PM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
Thank you for a lovely happy chapter before we get to the battle. I've never enjoyed authors that never provided an island of rest in the midst of horror. That's why I hate reading people like Terry Brooks, for example.

marisamarinee2014.06.03 - 03:16AM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
He came back to his "mum" ;)

mroczna882009.05.25 - 08:39AM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
I won't comment because there is so much lines that I love in this chapter :D like: "Go help Severus. I'm sure he's hopeIless" and "I'd say you've had an interesting twenty years" and so much xD Like Norbert come back and shame that J.K.Rowling didn't say a word about Hagrid after battle :/

Aurora2008.06.02 - 12:37AM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
Norbert? All right!!! Had a sneaking suspicion that Neville's dancing ability might come into play, but you had me convinced that Snape really wanted his herbology expertise. Led astray once more!! (and you do that so very well!)

hermohninny2007.06.11 - 11:54PM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
Norbert! Oh so great...:D

ElectricBloo2007.05.30 - 04:06PM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
Norbert lol! What a fab chapter ending.

Author's Response: Happy to hear that you liked it. :)

longroot2007.05.29 - 10:25PM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
Norbert?!? Awesome....

Author's Response: Oh I hope JKR brings back Norbert. :)

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