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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

marisamarinee2014.06.02 - 03:12PM34: Lucius' ChoiceSigned
Hehehe Sev

mroczna882009.05.25 - 07:13AM34: Lucius' ChoiceSigned
If Lucius will belive him I would admit that he's plainly stupid. Snape's theory is not something that brain can accept- too much "?". But nice, really nice. I can't wait to see how embarassed Snape will be when he'll dance :D

cchristina262009.04.01 - 01:07AM34: Lucius' ChoiceSigned
Severus crossed his arms and sneered. "This is from a man who wears a bow in his hair?" CLASSIC

Author's Response: *laughs* I'm actually surprised that more people haven't picked up on that line. It was certainly my favorite snark moment. :) Thanks, Ana.

Alhena KnifeCrown2007.06.11 - 10:02PM34: Lucius' ChoiceSigned
I have been unable to stop reading this story - it's wonderful! Sorry for not reviewing sooner... I love this chapeter - well done with Snape the Spy!

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