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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

mroczna882009.05.24 - 07:09PM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
"Hermione reached under the table and placed her hand on Severus' knee. Immediately, he jumped up, ramming into the table and knocking a candle and pitcher over. Several disgruntled faces leaned forward, staring down the row as Severus tried to compose himself, cursing under his breath in a language Hermione was thankful she didn't understand." xD xD xD I just die from laugh in this dinner moments! And when it comes to battle plans you're much grater than Rowling! Things that no one though- like dragons or testhrals... REALLY good!

Aurora2008.06.01 - 10:12PM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
Do you think JKR would mind if you supplemented her books a bit (especially HBP & DH)? Your ideas are even better and more surprising than some of hers. You definitely write better battle scenes, but I totally love how Snape delegated the duties, especially to the Weasley family. "Where your (their) loyalites lie.." LOVE IT!!!

ninjaonfire2007.10.25 - 09:54PM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Ahhh!

Lilysweets2007.05.29 - 12:24AM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
Argh! Evil cliffie! I love the way Severus took charge...so in character for him. Putting Fred and George in charge of booby traps...brilliant! I also really enjoyed the confrontation between Severus and Ron. Boy, Minerva had Snape spot-on when she exclaimed he was the supreme master of the English language. Please update soon...I'm on pins and needles here! Cheers!

Author's Response: I love Admiral Snape too. :) Thanks for being a great reviewer! Cheers, Ana

longroot2007.05.28 - 01:31AM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
evil cliffie!!!!!! Enjoying the fic!!

Author's Response: Good to hear. :D

Darkestdawn2622007.05.27 - 07:48PM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
AHHHH! (i fell off that cliff) oh dear Merlin above! that was evil of you...you evil genius you...please update quickly

Author's Response: LOL! Oh my - there are quite a lot of cliffhangers here, aren't there? Much more is posted. Cheers, Ana

LauraK2007.05.27 - 07:09PM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
Ohhhhhhh, so good! Evil cliffie- argh! I love all of your updates and can't wait to read more- thanks! LK

Author's Response: *bows* Thank you so much. :D Cheers, Ana

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