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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

marisamarinee2014.06.01 - 02:43AM21: With a House-Elf by my sideSigned
Well damn. And Hermione better stay at Hogwarts

mysinger2013.11.24 - 09:46PM21: With a House-Elf by my sideSigned
I liked the fight between Bellatrix and Snape, especially when Snape sent Bella through the trap door. The destruction of Malfoy Manor was also a nice touch.

Majenta2009.09.09 - 06:41PM21: With a House-Elf by my sideSigned
This is a fantastic story. I love the way you don't make life easy for either Hermione or Severus. Bella surely is one nasty piece of work, Severus should have finished her off properly as soon as he had the chance. Off to read next chapter now.

Author's Response: Thanks. I tried for realism and things certainly don't get any easier as the story progresses. Hope you enjoy the rest. :)

verasuspense2008.09.05 - 10:20PM21: With a House-Elf by my sideSigned
Oh Severus! You shouldn't have waited around to gloat. If you think Bellaztrix was pissed off before - you ain't seen nothing yet.

ninjaonfire2007.10.25 - 09:06AM21: With a House-Elf by my sideSigned
HOW CAN THERE BE NO REVIEWS?!??! Grrr. This is such an excellent chapter (again!). Bellatrix is still alive!! I hope that Snape isn't captured. Thanks for this well thought addition.

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