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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

marisamarinee2014.06.01 - 02:26AM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
Lol oh Dobby

Ravyn2009.11.08 - 09:52PM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
Ilove the fact that you quoted Wesley from the Princess Bride, the best movie ever filmed!

Snapes Phoenix2009.05.21 - 01:41AM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
i cant remember if i have reviewed yet but if i haven't it's because i like to get into the story a bit first. I just want to let you know that i am really enjoying it so far. it's nice to finally read a fic where snape is actually training harry - i always thought that all of them should have been trained (especially harry) in jkr's books as it would have made it seem a just little less fanciful. i also like that severus and hermione aren't just all about sex - and how she really fights him hard on things... some times it sort of reminds of when she had to tell grawp to put her down, lol. anyway, i like a good lemon every now in then but i really like the interplay between hermione and severus here. i also like how severus is dealing with his demons by getting angry at people,,, meaning he put minerva and everyone else in their places about how much he has done, risked, etc. it seems like it may be the first time he's actually stood up for himself instead of playing into the hands of a master and/or using power to try build himself. that he admitted to harry about fighting his father's ghost is also a good thing... hopefully he can get out all of this anger and be a little nicer to people once he can let it all go! thanks for a good read!

adelgado2008.07.06 - 03:48AM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
loved the quotes. Love the story

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

cassity2822008.04.07 - 05:31AM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
i would love to point out your amazing use of "Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something." and " Now, let's try and kill each other like civilized people." From on of my fav movies The Princess Bride

ninjaonfire2007.10.25 - 08:41AM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
Oh Lucius. I had hope for that man. Great chapter, as always. I again loved the Snape and Harry's duel.

hermohninny2007.06.11 - 01:06PM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
i love reading your fight scenes between severus and harry...they are so descriptive and action-filled.

goldenchild2007.06.02 - 12:31AM20: Traitors and PaybackSigned
The quotes from Princess Bride...awsome, I knew as soon as I read it. I love when authors put quotes from my favorite movies in their stories.

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