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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

marisamarinee2014.05.31 - 02:25PM8: The Best I Can DoSigned
Oh no

ASchaffalit2013.08.02 - 09:32PM8: The Best I Can DoSigned
This is a true Snape- magnificent. Hermione is warm, smooth - thinking ,and loveable. Hm, kisses as help to a cure? Hm..

AmyLouise2007.09.27 - 12:37AM8: The Best I Can DoSigned
I thought this is how it would be in Book 7 - Snape teaching Harry what he needed to know, because he was the only wizard powerful enough. But the end of HBP put paid to that theory. I like what you're doing better - more focus on Harry acquiring skill, instead of relying on blind luck.

Lilysweets2007.05.23 - 02:51PM8: The Best I Can DoSigned
Nooooo!!! Damn him...why did he leave? Stupid, stupid male pride. Love the story...keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Stupid male pride indeed. Thanks!

amy skydancer2007.05.23 - 09:50AM8: The Best I Can DoSigned
how come no ones reviewed this wickedly amazing story!!!????????? The fighting/training between Harry and Snape is so visual I can almost hear it!! bravo!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. There's a mess of people reading, but not reviewing so I know they're out there. I can hear you breathing. ;-) Thanks for the nice review. Things get more interesting as we go along.

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