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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

marisamarinee2014.09.27 - 03:39PM5: In Gryffindor TowerSigned
Wow what a mess!!

MollysSister2008.07.25 - 04:32PM5: In Gryffindor TowerSigned
"Ginny wants Tom Riddle, not Voldemort" Now that is a chilling thought!

verasuspense2008.03.07 - 09:20PM5: In Gryffindor TowerSigned
Neville is the only true Gryfyndor. No wonder Godric sword came to him in DH. And Ginny is *jealous* of Hermione? That's sick.

chrissyseebs2006.04.30 - 11:34AM5: In Gryffindor TowerSigned
yay that ginny smartened up

QueneArual2004.10.26 - 09:23PM5: In Gryffindor TowerAnonymous
Very good story, but a little con-crit... I dont care for Voldemort, Virginia Weasley! It's Ginerva. 10/10 anyway.

pickles2004.10.23 - 05:58PM5: In Gryffindor TowerSigned
poor mione people can be so cruel

Clair Snape2004.01.08 - 06:21PM5: In Gryffindor TowerSigned

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