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Reviews for The Best Year Ever

Alexa19932012.01.24 - 01:56PM4: Valentine's BallSigned

loreen772011.07.13 - 10:08PM4: Valentine's BallSigned
Very sweet. Nice job.

loreen772011.07.13 - 09:30PM2: Gifts and ComplimentsSigned
Great story, just one suggestion. In the UK they say happy christmas, us yanks say mmerry christmas.

Author's Response: Actually, us brits mostly say merry Christmas. I do, anyway.

verasuspense2010.06.16 - 07:52PM1: Those EyesSigned
Somehow I picture Dumbledore as using purple ink. Or maybe turquoise. :-)

12inchklingon2008.06.01 - 08:14PM1: Those EyesSigned
I am not sure where all of the this is going, but this doesn't fly in NASA. It has no warp drive. William Shatner forever!!!!!!

Author's Response: So, does that mean you don't like it??

xoretributionox2008.04.13 - 03:15AM4: Valentine's BallSigned
I definitely liked this story very much!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Snapes_Loved_One2008.03.25 - 05:55PM4: Valentine's BallSigned
I luffed it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

mmh2008.01.04 - 04:56AM4: Valentine's BallSigned
I just read this story again, and loved it, again. Thank you so much! Wonderful work! I am trying not to be too greedy, but a sequel would be really, really appreciated!

Author's Response: Perhaps there will be sequel, seeing as it's a new year!

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