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Reviews for A Choice of Roads

ceecee98982010.11.15 - 10:44AM2: Fools for LoveSigned
great story

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

ceecee98982010.11.15 - 01:53AM2: Fools for LoveSigned
Favorited! they are all so in character. snape is a hottie.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. ^_^

ElectricBloo2008.03.26 - 04:57PM2: Fools for LoveSigned
Cheers for posting.

Nadrek2008.03.26 - 02:06AM2: Fools for LoveSigned
Surely Hermione is bright enough (at least once prompted) to not associate proximity with cause - particularly given she apparently had an extended stay in the infirmary?

midwife_witch2006.07.31 - 12:43AM2: Fools for LoveSigned
This is good so far, but can we please just agree to a ban on Dumbledore twinkling? Honestly, the man twinkles more here on Ashwinder than the Christmas tree lights do every winter at Rockefeller Center (Sorry to rant - it's a pet peeve of mine.).

Author's Response: Thanks for that! Sorry, I was unable to resist the Dumbledore-twinkling (wasn't strong enough ;-) ).

sully22006.07.28 - 01:26PM2: Fools for LoveSigned
I like that she found out that Snape helped in her recovery, and Dumbledore's meddling twinkle. ~closetravenclaw

MollysSister2005.11.18 - 10:39PM2: Fools for LoveSigned
Who knew Lavender would point out the obvious behavior? I am glad that Hermoine now has a clue about who cooked up her medicine. Being appreciated is a good feeling. Can Servus feel appreciated?

Moonlit River2005.06.19 - 11:32PM2: Fools for LoveSigned
"... her in such a heartfelt way it was impossible not to be angry with him." This says that she IS angry with him. You meant "... her in such a heartfelt way it was impossible to be angry with him."

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