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Reviews for Waiting To Bloom

sorrowsown2012.06.25 - 12:29AM1: So It BeginsSigned
oh n o, I've done it again haven't I ? I've started reading what promises to be an awesome fic that's been abandoned! Noo! Please don't let this be true! I must read more!

Enchanting Freak2007.03.31 - 10:00PM1: So It BeginsAnonymous
12-09-2006 08:41

awesome start, i'm anxious to find out what will happen next.

BlackEyedLily2007.03.31 - 10:00PM1: So It BeginsAnonymous
10-24-2006 22:18

A promising start I look forward to reading some more.

youcanon2007.03.31 - 10:00PM1: So It BeginsAnonymous
10-24-2006 17:39 Rated 9

A very good beginning--library, common interest in scholarship, reading--I look forward to reading more. Good job.

kali2007.03.31 - 09:59PM1: So It BeginsAnonymous
10-24-2006 07:28 Rated 10

Ooh yes, please write more!!!!

loony_old_fan2007.03.31 - 09:59PM1: So It BeginsAnonymous
10-24-2006 02:49 Rated 9

I like it lots. Please continue quickly.

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